Designing Your Space

Creating a variety of interesting design elements and designing them to flow together heightens the design style of your outdoor spaces.

Choosing a color palette for your landscape makes a fabulous statement. The most impactful color probably comes from flowers however, consideration should be given to fall foliage, berries, attractive stems and barks. I consider all seasons when designing your space, so you have interest and pleasure year-round.

Design elements and plants are selected based on the style you desire and will be recommended to meet the soil, water, and light factors, to ensure a successful planting. The combination of natural elements such as water and rocks creates texture and a tranquil color palette.

Combining natural elements such as water and rocks creates texture and interest when designing a garden room. A small waterfall and koi pond with a descending pathway can be enjoyed from several vantage points. A pleasing combination of plants and rocks that is informal in style will offer the impression of peace and tranquility while enjoying your outdoor spaces.

When designing your dream garden consideration should be given to what it looks like in all seasons. Gardens with great bones look beautiful year around and placement of trees, hardscape, water, and structures all contribute.

When designing great spaces, the little things make a difference. Notice that the lamp post is painted in the color palette of the clematis vine and lilies.