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I help you visualize your landscape design ideas with 3D renderings of your property, providing you with a detailed plan that you can implement.

We will identify the elements that you like, the maintenance needs you have and define what needs to be done to your landscape to achieve the desired look. I select plants, style elements and design features that create the perfect atmosphere for your dream landscape. And provide you with a detailed plan and checklist to get it done!

Ty & Arden Browder

We like to enjoy our garden in all seasons, Tracey has helped us create colorful seasonal beds and pots that provide interest in our garden in all seasons. This year she helped us create a woodland garden using native trees, shrubs and perennials where we lost gigantic Oak trees in a summer wind storm. Now we love to walk by and see this area full of new plants that are both beautiful and provide a safe haven to the local wildlife.

King, NC

Rex & Bev Hobson

Tracey collaborated with us to design our backyard after a large construction project. I was impressed with how realistic the software helped us visualize our design.

Clemmons, NC

Dirce Heath

Tracey did a great job helping me design my backyard landscape. She used her extensive knowledge of plants to help me put the right plant in the right place. Seeing my design in 3D was extremely helpful in enabling me to see what everything would look like once we finished the installation.

Lewisville, NC

Pat Epting

We wanted to expand our parking in the front yard, Tracey helped us put our ideas into a cohesive design. We are extremely happy with the results.

Lewisville, NC